About Us

What We Do

Souleau Contracting Inc. provides fully integrated services for the residential sector focused on constructing Mixed-Use buildings, Multi-Family Units, New Homes, and Renovations. We have made collaboration part of our DNA, using efficient systems, hiring, and developing the best people, and trusting strong partnerships formed in the local community.

Project Management

At Souleau, we understand that project and construction management is an integral part of every job. Our fully integrated business model, rigorous planning process, and experienced staff is what sets us apart from the competition. Our world class project management, highly efficient proven systems, and versatile service approach enables us to deliver the most effective and viable solutions for complex, multi- faceted projects. 

Construction Management

We have consistently achieved the highest standards of safety, quality, and service for our customers. Construction services build on project management principles, industry experience, and proven systems to provide the necessary planning, design, and approvals required to make the building process as seamless and efficient as possible. Focusing the mindset of the entire project team helps to build trust, respect, and credibility between all necessary stakeholders through-out the duration of the project.


We have the capacity, capabilities, and experience to successfully execute any residential project from concept to completion. Our versatile approach, offering both turnkey and integrated options enable us to deliver the most effective and viable project solutions for our clients.

In an industry where cost and schedule over-runs are common, we deliver customer value by safely completing projects on time and on budget with a major focus on quality craftsmanship and vigilant financial control every step of the way.